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Jays woods is 24 acres of protected Woodland with a Seasonal stream running through it. As a naturally grown Woodland it has developed a mixed Woodland and Wild flower grounds, Moss covered banks and areas where ferns spread through the acreage, it also has Wildlife that has been undisturbed for many years. The parking area is a gravel made area large enough for 6 cars with direct access from the main road, this area is where Caravans and Motorhomes are to be parked and the camping areas are only a short distance from the parking area, to the left there is a gravel track that leads up to the Nature cabin ideal for camping for 2 people, it's the highest point of the land which is a great place for Stargazers to watch the night sky that stretches across the rest of the 24 acres, From the parking area and Over to the right is the mature Woodland where our Camping area is, an area large enough for family gatherings with a Firepit that then leads down to the Moss banks
Every booking is guaranteed that they will not encounter other families or Dog walkers on site, whilst you have booked your dates the entire 24 acres are exclusive to your group
Jays wood pricing
Bird watchers, Photographers, Painters and Stargazers 6hr period £10 per person
Dog walkers 2 people and a Dog £10 daylight hours
Bushcraft Tent camping 1 person 24 hr period £10 per person
Caravan/Motorhomes and tent 2 people for 24 hr period £15 per person
Filming with 6 cars and film crew 24hr period £70 per day
Training/exercise/archery sessions, Survival groups, Bushcraft groups, Dog walker groups with 4 cars and 8 people 24 hr period £50 per day
All bookings have access to the full 24 acres with no sharing with other bookings on allocated days
Compost Toilet, Firepit and Water for boiling is available on site but no electricity is available
Prices are negotiable in special circumstances or long term bookings please message us to go through details and booking dates. When bookings are made a caretaker may be on the premises for maintenance but no parties will be interrupted during their stay This is a quiet and peaceful site for people wanting to enjoy the natural world and get away from the stresses of life


Boughton-under-Blean, Faversham, UK

Listing type



Gradient, Sheltered, Bare soil

Access conditions

Direct from main road


Outbuilding, Secure boundaries

Preferred uses

Sports and leisure, Horticulture, Private parties and weddings

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