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We have a large Woodland of 24 acres to rent out, in a private location but with good main road access and a little village with rural pubs and no near neighbours
It's an off grid Woodland but has a compost toilet and may have a water point eventually, it is mainly Woodland that's naturally occurring with Cherry, Oaks, Chestnut, Beech, Birch, Elder and Hawthorns
It has a natural seasonal stream, wild fern areas, a hardcore track and some small open areas for parking of up to 6 cars if companies are visiting, camper vans or Dog walking vans will need to park in the designated point, cars and bikes cannot be taken onto the rest of the 24 acres so as to not disturb the habitat
It will be fenced securely and has metal gates for security
This Woodland has multiple uses such as
Bushcraft groups and Extreme endurance sessions
Documentary or advert filming
Photography and Painting
Dog walking or Daycare,
Wildlife filming or Bird hides
Educational purposes for scouts
Forestry or Naturalusts activities

All people are expected to treat this site with respect and remove all rubbish with them, sadly in the summer months no campfires are allowed unless an instructor attends with the groups, if you want to carry out physical activities your own insurance will be necessary
For wildlife camera positioning for six months it's £60
For Photography, Painting, Naturalists, Scouts and Dog walking per day it's £10
For Documentaries and Advert filming it's per day £25
Groups or large sessions will be priced according to how many people will be visiting the site
This Woodland is not yet suitable for Weddings, Anniversaries or Parties but may be suitable for small fetes, local events or small farmers/craft markets

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Faversham, UK


ME13 8EB

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6 Months £ 60.00
1 Day £ 10.00


Sheltered, Bare soil

Access conditions

Direct from main road


Outbuilding, Secure boundaries

Preferred uses

Sports and leisure, Horticulture

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