Field Kit for Field Owners.

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Field Lover helps you to find good, honest people who are keen to hand over their hard-earned pocket money, to rent your field. It could be that you're new to the world of occasional hire, or you might be an old hand. Either way, we thought we should do what we can to give you a few pointers.


What kind of Field Lover are you?

Private landlords can really benefit from listing their land on our site, by generating an income from an otherwise under utilised resource.
Public Houses with land attached can rent it out for events such  as firework displays or open air concerts, in the process attracting 'punters' to the main event - the bar and restaurant!
Institutions, stately homes and estates can raise their profile and attract visitors by listing on Field Lover. We offer help with the bulk upload of multi-site institutions, making it easy to list on Field Lover.



For sports that don't require technical set-up, such as pitch markings, renting a field could be a great option. Your field may be attractive for a range of sports including mountain boarding, traction kiting, softball, frisbee, zorbing, football - or even motor sports such as quad biking or 'argo' driving.
Power kite.jpgWhy rent a field for sports? The existing options don't always cater well for the needs of sports enthusiasts. Naturally, pitch-led sports are invariably suited to purpose-built facilities. Beyond that, it can be hard for people to find a space in which they can focus on enjoying themselves without fear of compromising public safety!

Considerations when letting land for sport...

Gradient - depending on the gradient of your plot, it might appeal or deter certain activities in equal measure. Zorbers necessarily need a bit of a gradient, for example.
Hazards - overhead hazards such as wires or pylons will make your site unattractive to kiters, whose lines can extend to 40 meters. Although people use your land at their own risk, it is worth your while to mention hazards such as barbed wire fencing in your field description and using the icons Field Lover provides for you. 
Management and resting of land - if you're letting your land for quad biking, for example, you may wish to rest it for extended periods to allow the surface to recover. You can block out rental periods using Field Lover's availability calendar.


If you're planning to let your land for large events, we'd recommend that you work with a licence in place and also that you ensure that the responsibility for all aspects of the event rests with the 'Field Seeker' and not with you, the owner or agent.

A good example of a simple licence can be found here: 'Agricultural licence to hold event, show or fair

You can attach a contract or licence to Field Lover so that the acceptance of the booking by both parties constitutes acceptance of the terms of the licence.
Temporary Event Notices - in the UK, the Temporary Event Notice or TEN is the princial artefact that the Field Seeker will need to raise, via their local authority. Further information on TENs can be found here: Home Office | Temporary Event Notice.


Weddings represent perhaps one of the most attractive use-cases for occasional field hire. If your field is particularly pretty, with picturesque views and is level enough to accommodate a marquees, then wedding parties could be an appropriate 'target market' for you. Rental periods will often span entire weekends, with set up on a Friday and exit on a Monday.
Wedding girl


This is a tricky one, as there's not a great deal of data available indicating values for ad hoc land rental. In any case, what you can reasonably expect to fetch for your plot depends on a multitude of factors, some of which you can control, and others that you can't! Here are a few scenarios...
Weddings - If you have a very pretty field with picturesque views and good access, you'll attract great weekend rental rates for wedding parties.
Sports - A lone kiter won't expect to pay much, but a kite landboarding school wanting to use your plot every weekedn for six months, will pay sensible rates.
Horticulture - Individual growers won't pay a fortune, but if you're willing to demarcate your plot into allottments, you could earn sensible money from people willing to commit to a year at a time.
Major events - If you have the right kind of site (large, mostly level, good access, good transport links), you could go for the 'large fee/infrequent use' route. You may wish to do your own research with events organisers or events associations in order to establish a fair price.
Equestrian - Our research indicates an enormous variance in rates, depending on the quality of fencing, availability of water, shelter and grazing.
In any of these cases, we'd recommend one of two approaches...
a) if you have a clear idea of what you'd be happy to accept, just name your price. You can always experiment over time by changing it in your Field Lover dashboard.
b) if you're really not sure and just want to allow market forces to work their magic, then select the 'Open to offers' option. You and the 'Field Seeker' can negotiate during the booking process, using Field Lover's messaging system.