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Find fields to rent in the UK, from half-day 'micro-rentals' to something longer term.

Field Lover lists sites suitable for a range of activities including...


Find somewhere spacious and picturesque to enjoy weddings, reception parties, festivals, shows, gymkhana, car boot sales and fĂȘtes


Bond with friends or colleagues with team-building games, boot camps or orienteering


Loads of locations for film and media production

...don't be limited by this list! Browse Field Lover for the place to pursue your passion.

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Pick a plot to grow your own produce, put up a polytunnel or pefrect your prize pumpkins

Equestrian and livestock

Somewhere special for your horses, alpacas or ostriches to live the good life


Ballooning, radio-controlled aircraft and maybe even real aircraft (FAA permitting ;-)


Find your own space to safely enjoy kiting, mountain boarding, land yachting, frisbee, zorbing