Field Kit for Field Seekers.

Field Lover is here to help you pursue your passion, by finding you the space you need. This area of our site offers you a few pointers to ensure that you do what you're doing safely, and enjoyably.



Renting a field is a great way to host an event. Depending on the scale of your event, there are many other considerations on top of the basic field hire, that you'll need to think about, such as security, facilities, parking, traffic management, insurance, noise, alcohol licencing and health and safety.
Party balloons.jpgThere's such an abundance of available information on the internet, to support you that its' not appropriate or desirable for Field Lover to reproduce it here, but here are a few of the 'headline' things to look into.
Temporary events notices (TENs) - The TEN is a good place to start, when tackling the compliance side of your event. A Temporary Event Notice costs £21.00, requires seven days' notice and applies to events for up to 500 people.
For larger events, seek specialist advice from an appropriate body, such as the Event Services Organisation


Renting a picturesque outdoor setting in which to celebrate your special day, can really set the occasion apart and make it special. The quality and availability of characterful, large and interesting marquees only serves to make the day (or weekend) even more magical. Here are some examples of unusual marquees for hire, or have a Google (or maybe a Bing?) to search for more on the internet.
The Arabian Tent Company

Horticulture and 'grow your own'

The trend for people to grow their own produce (in the UK at least) is on the rise. Finding a suitable council allottment is an exercise that in many cases, requires a lot of patience. Initiatives such as might enable you to find a plot for free (it could be worth a look). Alternatively you might find somewhere close to you on Field Lover for a small fee; paying for your plot, especially if you agree a contract or licence with the field owner, may give you a greater sense of stability on an ongoing basis. 
You'll find some really useful information on growing your own vegetables, from the Royal Horticultural Society


Renting a field via Field Lover can be a great way to get started with keeping livestock. A contract for one year can be less intimidating than a longer agricultural lease and can you the time to build confidence, experience and to find long term premises.
Always seek advice from a governing body or association, for example...
NameWhen finding a field, be sure to put animal welfare at the top of your list by considering any implications around health and diseases, boundary security, accommodation requirements and quality of grazing, as applicable.
The Poultry Club of Great Britain
The British Alpaca Society

Other considerations...


There's more to insurance than cars and houses. You'll be surprised how specialist it can get! Insurance is also often surprisingly affordable, so shop around for quotes for your event or activity and try contacting the relevant association or governing body.