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0.4 Acre Market Garden incl. Polytunnel & Multiple Resources (with expansion possible)

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0.4 acres approx. of land, recently converted from conventional agricultural land over to a market garden set up.
A 2m tall fabric windbreak fence provides some shelter, and a hedge of mixed, 2 year old alders has been planted to grow up to replace the windbreak within the 12-15 years life expectancy of the fence posts.
There is a tap that runs from our own bore-hole. So no chlorine etc to worry about. There will soon be electricity too.

On site there are currently eighteen 20ft long raised beds that have been maintained using the no-dig method.
There is also a 1 year old polytunnel measuring 48ft by 22ft. This contains some staging, and raised beds, each with ground level, drip-irrigation - with taps to close of individual beds.
There is also a lot of bare open ground. Come spring some of it will be taken up with another nine 20ft raised beds, but the rest could be used for anything else.
Currently there are a few perennial plants on site, some of which I would insist are not removed (eg young apple trees, globe artichokes..), but there is a bed of Jerusalem artichokes that could be cleared if it was necessary (although there's so much space that it'd seem silly to waste the time and effort).
I currently do bulk composting on-site too, and would happily assist in continuing the process. I use a digger to turn piles and I collect resources from the surrounding farm - as it is family land.
Soil type is chalky.

There is also the possibility for easy expansion of the site into the adjacent field.

I am looking for someone who is experienced and passionate about organic vegetable growing to rent the plot long-term and run it as a profitable market garden. I would still like to remain involved, and help out in the running and planning, but we can discuss the ins and outs of that. I will also be perfectly happy for flower gardeners to get involved, although I would reserve space for some veg AND I would prefer any interested person to follow organic methods.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please get in touch. Pictures to come soon.


Codford, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

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Level, Sheltered, Bare soil

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Direct from main road


Water supply, Secure boundaries

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