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Voltaire's Wood

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A fifty-acre woodland available to rent, either in whole or in part. Lovely, lush and quite wild with clearings for camping
It has decent access and parking for around 15 cars, with more nearby. There's spring water, some electricity available at the house.
Would be suitable for bushcraft overnighters, small camping parties, or other purposes that are sensitive to the woods.
The price below is an example price of per-day hire for a compartment for a camping party of 20.
More photos on Instagram: @voltaireswood


Nailsworth, Stroud District, United Kingdom

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1 Day £ 300.00


Gradient, Sheltered, Grassy, Bare soil

Access conditions

Direct from main road, Via unmade road

Preferred uses

Sports and leisure, Horticulture, Private parties and weddings


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