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London, UK


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Hi Guys, I am turning the big ole' age of 30 and I want to throw an arts gathering in a field with friends for 80 people. This will be held on the 15th of June Saturday 2023 (if this is not possible we would at least like to enquire for next year), mainly in the day time with 25-30 people looking to stay over. I understand most areas have a sound curfew which we will abide by but preferably if we can have a field that would allow us to use portable speakers that would be ideal. There will be arts and crafts during the day, drinking and barbeques. During the night we would like to play music and set up installations for projection mapping and other light based immersive art projects (we are a group of cosplayers, larpers, art enthusiasts, event makers and photographers) Would Like to haves: If we are allowed to have a campfire or if there is already a place we can do so Any toilets onsite or at the very least be allowed to order porta-loos to that area (we know where to source) electricity is preferable, to charge phones etc, use for projectors for projection mapping and speakers If we are allowed to bring mini generators onsite if the electricity is not allowed Post-event: we will bring our own bin bags and clean up ALL items used on site. Any damages we will compensate for. I hope this event sounds appealing to you! and if you would like to, come join us! the more the merrier and artier! haha Kind Regards Adrian

Posted at: 25/03/2024 21:57:24 by adrian_ubando

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