Field wanted in Leamington Spa, UK


Leamington Spa, UK


60.00 miles


Myself and my friend have set up and hosted a day and night event for all of our friends to come together once a year for the last 5 years, where we set up a large barbecue, a couple of marquees, tables, and some speakers for the evening. This typically constitutes 50 people aged 27-32, and about 15-20 tents that everyone brings and sets up for the time too. Unfortunately, the grounds we used to host this on has now been converted into stables and livestock land, and had to step away from it. Is this something that is possible for one night, ideally May 25th-26th, although we are open to any saturday-sunday weekend in the months of May, June, July, August. I look forward to hearing back from anyone! Kind regards, Jacob Hopgood

Posted at: 31/01/2024 17:09:39 by jacob-h

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