Field wanted in Yorkshire, UK


Yorkshire, UK


30.00 miles


Hi! I'm looking for a field/some fields which also has some woodland available. I've had to cancel my wedding twice due to Covid and we've now lost our wedding venue, so we essentially have a full wedding set-up ready to go, just nowhere to stage it! It's a festival-style wedding and we were putting on everything from the marquee to the toilets, catering stalls, a bar etc... We'd also need some space for camping as that's what the majority of our guests chose to do. We had a generator booked so power isn't essential but a water supply would be good, and we also booked fireworks so the field/venue must be okay with us having a short (3-minute) display! I really hope there's somewhere perfect out there :) xx

Posted at: 22/07/2021 02:55:39 by sarwhittle

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