Field wanted in Surrey, UK


Surrey, UK


100.00 miles


Hi Guys, I am Jack and I am interested/looking for fields around Surrey and Hampshire within a 100 mile radius. In the future me and a team of 15 want to create a brand new new concept for a music Festival called Brokeswood Reggae Festival, which will take place from around July time in the desired location in either Surrey or Hampshire. Brokeswood was born as a passionate response to the stagnation of the dance music and collaborating with local brands who want to express their love for the art and music that we all enjoy. What it needs? - Space for 4 stages (different sizes) - A camping ground for people to stay - Places for food and drink (1 main bar marquee) - Places for entertainment for all the family This is just the beginning of a idea but we are searching for the next 2-3 years and just having a look for the time being.. Thanks Jack

Posted at: 02/08/2020 03:13:17 by jackcrxz

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