Field wanted in Abingdon, UK


Abingdon, UK


60.00 miles


I am in the very early stages of organising a private festival-style birthday party for september 2021. I am putting this out here now as I need to get an idea of costs so I can prepare my budget. I am expecting up to 250 people, though likely closer to 200. So you can see what I am looking for, the party will (hopefully) have the following: - camping for guests - bonfire - "stage" area for live music acts (afternoon to early evening) and a DJ set later in the evening - "food and drink" area for one or two food stalls and a bar - Marquee in case of bad weather - hay bale seating - "play" area for lawn games - parking - ideally dogs would be allowed on site - ideally there would be non-camping accomodation nearby for those who do not wish to camp. I envisage the event to begin on friday with set up and some guests arriving to help with this occur mainly on saturday, with guests arriving friday evening/saturday morning and leaving on sunday morning (by 10am). The rest of sunday would then be dedicated to clean up. If you think this sounds liek something you can help me with I'd love to hear from you Thank you

Posted at: 25/06/2020 15:56:28 by gracem

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