Field wanted in Crewe CW2, UK


Crewe CW2, UK


20.00 miles


I am looking for some large grass fields or woodland where we can exercise our two family protection dogs who are also our demonstration dogs. These dogs are highly trained to the same level as Police and military dogs, they are trained in obedience and protection work. We need access to fields that we can walk and exercise them and also train and rehearse scenarios with them We need to have daily basis with 24/7 access. The fields need to be private and not with livestock on them currently. My company supplies highly trained family protection dogs to families who are seeking a family pet and trained protection dog. The regular use and access to this land would also provide added security to a land owner or farmer with a regular highly visible presence each day We are looking for fields and land in the Cheshire East area, Weston Crewe Sandbach Holmes Chapel Madeley Nantwich

Posted at: 14/08/2019 19:59:27 by k9 serveprotect

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