Field wanted in West Yorkshire, UK


West Yorkshire, UK


65.00 miles


A small crew and I are in the pre-production stages of a short 5-7-minute drama/comedy that will be shot later this year in May. The film will centralise around two men who meet up at the weekends in a small caravan to try and track UFOs, a goal that is complicated by a vengefully embittered wife and a lonely man’s desire for companionship… Full disclosure the project is student led (crew are second year studying at the University of Leeds). Looking for a field that is away from a busy road as to avoid noise pollution and level as to be able to safely park a caravan and car on the field. We will take the upmost care looking after your land as if it were our own.

Posted at: 12/03/2019 17:49:24 by willemjoe

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