Field wanted in Manchester, UK


Manchester, UK


15.00 miles


i work for a city centre PR agency in Manchester in which we are looking to throw a summer festival style party on the 12th July 2019 all day. We would ideally be looking for an outdoor space that would fit 100 people with lots of space for dancing, drinks and eating. To fit in with the festival theme we would ideally be looking to put up a couple of tents/tepees in the field and also have a couple of food vendors/trucks and bar areas. We would need to be allowed to have noise / music until around 12am / 1am and we would also potentially look to have a stage/technical equipment. As most people would need to travel back to the city centre, we don't want it to be too far from the city centre and we would need to put on a coach service to get everybody there and everybody back.

Posted at: 11/02/2019 14:17:47 by ashleighcousercitypress

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