Field wanted in Warrington, United Kingdom


Warrington, United Kingdom


50.00 miles


Hi there. Im looking for a field/ paddock/small meadow or patch of woodland to do some back to basics family camping ( though i might have to dress it up as glamping to get the missus interested ) I want something scenic but off the beaten track a little bit, somewhere I can pitch a couple of small to medium tents with open spaces so my kids and my families children can play out in the FRESH AIR without being connected to their devices or WIFI. I would like somewhere during the daytime I can sit back from the comfort of my tent, and supervise the children playing rounders or on a rope swing from a tree and not have to worry about passing cars and potential weirdos. I yearn for a spot were we can have a nighttime open fire around which we all congregate and relax and have jacket potatoes from the embers, I know Im asking for a tall order here.I want to move away from the commercialism and tat shop campsite market thats available and more back to ground roots basics level to the point where we bring in a toilet tent and elsan blue toilet with us there just seems to be a shortage of this type of place anymore hence my reaching out to you kind people. Initially im looking at a solo venture or maybe me and the wife to get a feel for a place for suitability with the prospect of bringing the family out there . Can anyone please help.

Posted at: 05/12/2017 16:27:51 by gandelff9999

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