Field wanted in Surrey, United Kingdom


Surrey, United Kingdom


50.00 miles


We want to have a party! Hello, we are looking to hire an area to hold a big celebration next summer. We would like to be able to invite 250 people maximum and offer camping for the Friday and Saturday nights (but with the main event being all day and evening on Saturday). We are based in London but are flexible on location for the right venue. The home counties would be easiest but we would go further for something beautiful. We are also flexible on dates but would prefer a weekend in July 2018. We need...... To be able to put up either very large yurts or a marquee etc so there must be some flat land. To be able to make a reasonable amount of noise, preferably until at least 1am ish. To be able to offer camping for perhaps 60 tents. To be able to offer parking To be within reach of local hotels or b&bs for those not wishing to camp. We need a power source for sound equipment etc. A beautiful view! Not a dealbreaker but we would like.... A very beautiful view! Any pre existing outbuilding that we could use (e.g. a barn or something) in addition to a marque or yurt or tipi etc Toilets already on site Fire pit A nice local pub! Please let me know if you think you have something that might work for us. We are still fairly open to ideas! Thanks

Posted at: 16/05/2017 08:57:04 by alicem

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