Field wanted in Dorset, United Kingdom or Hampshire areas


Dorset, United Kingdom or Hampshire areas


10.00 miles


Hello field lovers I'm looking for a field or part of a field or even a corner of a field to rent for about 14 weeks from the middle of May til end August only. It would be useful if it had water access too. I and my partner live most of the year in Asia and come back to do the festivals so we wouldn't actually be there for a lot of the time. We just need a base from which to come and go. I've not quite decided if I'm buying a camper van or other live in 'something' but I need to look at options for where we can actually spend the summer. I'm not into loud holiday parks so someone with a field or part of may be the best option. Thank you for your consideration Best JoJo

Posted at: 19/03/2017 07:40:38 by livingthedream

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