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Paddock 2.5 Acres in Bath for Rent

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A 2.5 acre paddock suitable for events, private parties and weddings. Mostly screened by tall evergreen trees. No features on the land, which is suitable for camping, tepee weddings, marquees, etc. Available from next Spring 2022. Bath city centre is 20 minutes WALK along the canal. The central row of trees (shown in the images) have been removed from the paddock land. There is a short concrete/ grasscrete access to the paddock from the Miller Walk road. Popular pubs are close by situated on the river and canal. All amenities are available in the Bathampton village.
At present, the paddock looks untidy but it will be topped and put back to grass, before your event. The swings can be removed.

Please confirm:-
Dates and times of your event.
How many people will be under aged 15?
How many people will be aged 16 to 30?
How many people will be over aged 30?
How many cars will need to park?
How many people and tents will be staying overnight?
Are you planning on music or entertainment for the gathering or party?
Are you planning on bringing alcohol or having a bar?
Are you planning to provide food?
Will you require a TENS license from the council, as shown on the advert for the paddock?
Will you want to hire a marquee? if so about what size? A marquee of 10m x 5m will accommodate about 100 people.
Once we have all your answers, then we will be able to confirm your booking.

If you want to hire the paddock, then you will be responsible for any insurance required and any licenses required for your event from Banes council.

• To allow licensable activities to be carried out on a one-off or occasional basis, for sale or supply of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment or sale of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am.
• Deadline for application – 10 working days before the event.
• Fee £21
• TENS can only be used for events, where no more than 499 (including staff and performers) are attending.


Bath, UK

Listing type


1 Day £ 500.00
1 Half-Day £ 300.00




Water supply, Secure boundaries

Preferred uses

Private parties and weddings

Transaction preferences

Cash payment , PayPal accepted