Field wanted in Cranbrook TN17, United Kingdom


Cranbrook TN17, United Kingdom


30.00 miles


Hi there My name is Richard, over the past 53 years my family every summer (end of July beginning of August) go camping for a week in the south east of England, anything from 35 to 55 of us go and it’s all family and we go back to basics, it started of all them years ago as a scouts holiday and our family later took it over, we range in age from 4 being the youngest to 87, we come from all round England but mainly the south east, we go to the same field for about 4 or 5 years then look for somewhere different so it’s a change of environment and location for us. It’s completely back to basic we don't need electricity, all we require is somewhere where that is private to us, there is a water supply to and where we are allowed to have a small open fire, where there are woods near by we only used fallen branches and collect dead wood for the fire, we are very responsible and caring for the environment, nothing goes to waste, we usually have about 20 tents, and 2 small marquees for cover and a cooks tent, and a toilet tent, we are like one big community we all have the same meals and cook for everyone else, we all pull our weight and leave the site exactly how we find it and would like to find it. From looking at your website the location and the surroundings where you are located looks perfect for us. If this sound like something you would consider, letting us hire a field from you for 1 week next summer, I would be grateful to get in touch with you and arrange a visit, we would like to come and discus with you further about what we do and show you pictures from previous years so you can get an idea of how we do it. Please feel free to contact me anytime, Thank you for your time, Richard Henson 07544487417

Posted at: 12/09/2017 14:41:36 by richhen88

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