Field wanted in London, United Kingdom


London, United Kingdom


75.00 miles


I know it's very late! But, I'm looking for a venue to hold a camping festival party type event to celebrate finishing university / end of the year. Fairly flexible on dates, sometime mid - late June preferably. Looking at 100 People max., most likely around 60. What we'd need: Ideally the area would have some shelter / woodland and some open space. Lakes are great too We most likely won't be setting up any kind of large marquee or anything, just numerous tents If a power source was available that would be great, but I'm sure we'd be able to arrange a generator Ability to make a lot of noise, most likely throughout the night. (Noise would probably drop significantly after about 2 am) A view is always a bonus! Ability for open fire and bbq Parking for roughly 20 cars (most likely less) We're fairly flexible on location setting and open to ideas, neutral to the idea of an outhouse or already similar there. If you have anything that might be suitable let me know! Feel free to contact me on +447715407445 Thanks!

Posted at: 16/05/2017 21:28:24 by francescos

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